January 2017

A New Smartphone Brand, iDroid Launched on Yayvo.com

(Karachi, 27th January 2017) – Yayvo.com by TCS, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce portal that was launched last year, has once again delivered on its promise of bringing the latest, fastest to its consumers in Pakistan! A smartphone brand based out of New York, iDroid USA Technologies has partnered with Yayvo.com to exclusively launch one of its flagship products, the iDroid Balr X7 in Pakistan.

Ladies First: The Women of Pakistan’s Tech Scene

KARACHI, 25 JANUARY 2017: The tech industry in Pakistan is emerging as a vibrant and essential part of the economy. And the biggest shift is the role in which women are playing; many of whom are spearheading the digital transformation.   Women Driving the Tech Space   Maria Umar is the founder of the Women’s Digital League (WDL).

Ten Interesting Things to Know About Lahore

Lahore is the garden city. Parks are sanctuaries for Lahorians. They are a place where young and old, rich and poor enjoy time with family away for the hustle and bustle of the hectic city. As urbanization takes the city by storm, along with sudden gentrification and the construction of gated communities for the well to do: parks are the last refuge for the average man. The wonderful Mughal-era Shalimar

The Future of Asia’s Online Real Estate Market

KARACHI, January 11, 2017: 2016 was a year of change. For many, it was a year of turbulence, and for others, it was a year of prosperity. But what do the events of last year mean for the real estate market of the future? What predictions can be made for 2017? How is technology shaping the face of Asian online real estate in particular?   Looking forward to the year

Five places you Must Visit in Pakistan in 2017

KARACHI, XX JANUARY 2017:.Pakistan should be on everyone’s tourist destination for 2017; but what if you already live there? Then perhaps you should consider visiting these five must visit places for the new year. In a country of mughals and mountains, wild frontiers and scattered ruins you will be amazed at the beauty you can find. Lamudi presents the five unmissable destinations to explore this year. 1.Lake Saiful Muluk At