July 2016

Rising Internet Adoption Has a Positive Effect on Real Estate

KARACHI, 28 JULY, 2016: All over the world, the internet is changing societies; from how people book their holidays to how they purchase property. In the real estate industry, the internet has already made huge waves. The movement away from traditional methods for searching for property and towards a digital approach is particularly noticeable in the emerging markets. This trend parallels the rise in internet penetration in emerging markets, particularly

No Homes for Pakistanis as Population Soars

KARACHI, 14 July 2016: The population of Pakistan is spiraling out of control. Every year, 3.7 million people add to the current figure of 194.5 million people making it the sixth most populous country in the world. In 1950 the population only stood at 33 million. So what is causing the sudden spike in population numbers? Various factors contribute to a country’s population count. High fertility, declining mortality, customs of