Earnings of the event will be donated to provide clean water in Thar

Amir Khan brings International Boxing to Pakistan under the Amir Khan Trust Umbrella


PAKISTAN, KARACHI, June 1, 2016: The international boxing star Amir Khan announced boxing matches showcasing seven international boxers including his brother Haroon, Harry King Khan in Pakistan, here on Wednesday. The HBL Superstar Boxing Event is an effort of Amir Khan Trust to raise funds to provide clean drinking water for the citizens of Thar. Along with that the Amir Khan Trust will also support the boxing culture and encourage international events in Pakistan.

Hashoo Group, a strong supporter of art, culture, literature, education, sports, and other entertaining activities, has also taken up the initiative to promote this superstar boxing event. The Hashoo Group, which has under its umbrella, the Pearl Continentals, Hotel One, and Marriott hotels in Pakistan, is facilitating the hospitality requirements for the event. The VP operations of the group Mr. Haseeb A. Gardezi said on the occasion, “Hashoo Group always takes a keen interest in the promotion of developmental and welfare activities in Pakistan, considering the significance and noble aim of this event, the group actively and magnanimously participated, helping raise money for the Amir Khan Trust and also promote boxing in the country.”

The main Fight Night will be held at the Pearl Continental hotel Karachi, where seven international boxers Tasif Khan, Gallagher Dayle, Jody Meikle, Stuart Maddox, Francis Peter Douglas Croes, Haroon Khan and Phil Townley will participate.

Speaking about the initiative Mr. Naveed Asghar, Chief Marketing Officer HBL said,” HBL has always supported and promoted sports in Pakistan. It is not only an international event in the country but a milestone in the revival of boxing in Pakistan. He further added, we are determined to continue supporting such events in future which are not only playing a vital role in raising funds for the deprived but providing a sense of motivation for the youth to pursue their dreams.” He specially thanked the Pearl Continental Karachi for its outright support to make these events successful.

The visit of the international boxers for charity event is also supported by the British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  The coaches and referees of BIBA will also be a part of this event. To promote the initiative Amir Khan visited Dolmen Mall Clifton on 31st of May and interacted with his fans, followed by a press conference and a public work out at Frere Hall on 1st June.

The main fight night is scheduled for 2nd June at the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. The grand event will start with a red carpet followed by Amir Khan’s welcome note and matches including Middle Weight Bout, Bantam Weight Bout and Cruiser Weight Bout. The event also includes auctions of Amir Khan’s souvenirs whose earning will go for charity. Tables of main fight night are being sold for PKR 150,000 each. All the earnings of the main fight night event will go to Amir Khan Trust which will utilize the funds in building water wells in Thar.

While addressing the media at the press conference Khan Said,” Our youth posses’ immense potential but they lack opportunities and guidance in the field of sports. The idea is to bring international boxing to Pakistan and to support world class entrainment and exposure of boxing in the country. The Amir Khan foundation has been working globally to eradicate poverty and facilitate in providing basic necessities of life to the underprivileged. He further added, Thar has been victimized with a number of sad incidents including poverty and lack of clean drinking water which has resulted in massive death toll. With this initiative we have played our role in bringing a positive change to the society and the tremendous response by our partners and donors has further elevated the cause”.

Mr. Doda Bhuttoa President of Pakistan Boxing federation also supported the initiative with his presence, whereas,  Sindh Rangers provided the overall security and safe commutation facility to Amir Khan and his team during their  visit.

National Foods, one of the leading multi-category food companies in Pakistan is the official gourmet food partner for this prestigious event. Mr. Abrar Hassan, Chief Executive Officer National Foods has always encouraged initiatives that bring Pakistan in a progressive image.

Mr. Sohail Hamid Khan, CEO of J. Fragrances actively supported the event and wished Amir Khan best of luck for his efforts of promoting boxing and building water wells in Pakistan. He expressed that such events serve both national and international interests.

Pearl Continental Karachi & Hashoo Group are the official hospitality partners. The Hashoo group is providing the platform for the boxing matches and accommodation to the international sportsmen in an effort to contribute towards society through this noble cause.

Further event partners include Careem, providing transportation to the Amir Khan team.  Blue ex are supporting for the help line and courier needs. Red Crescent has partnered for paramedic and ambulance facilitation. Radio FM 89 is also promoting the event in air waves and Oh Shoot- photography as official photographers. Also, 42 Days Challenge supported the public workout as friends of Amir Khan Trust and Citrus talent is managing the talent and invited celebrities for the main fight night.

The event was under the banner of IRIS, an established Karachi based Event Company and Totem+ a London-based events and branding agency. Reema Siddiqui & Omar Satti with their team and along with Amir Khan Trust team worked closely to successfully launch the Amir Khan Trust in Pakistan.


About Amir Khan Trust

To advance in life and help young people in such parts of the Pakistan as the trustees may from time to time through:

(a) The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life.

(b) Providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to practice in a society as mature and responsible individuals.


About The British & Irish Boxing Authority

The British & Irish Boxing Authority is a professional boxing Governing, Sanctioning and Licensing organization that operates primarily within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


The British & Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) has affiliation with many World Boxing Championship organizations, a number of regional Championship organizations as well as operates both National and International Championships, within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, under the BIBA banner.


As such we at the British & Irish Boxing Authority are determined to do our utmost best for BIBA licensed professional boxers, whether they are just starting their career or are battle hardened veterans.


The British & Irish Boxing Authority’s primary focus – besides the licensing of professional boxers and their coaching, management and promotional agents, sanctioning of professional boxing events, as well as the training and licensing of officials – is the raising of medical protection standards for the sport, to ensure that the health and safety of the young men and women that participate in the sport, as well as the application of the Association Of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Unified Rules and Regulations for Professional Boxing events.


About Hashoo Group

Established in 1960 by a young and enterprising Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, the Hashoo group initially operated as a trading enterprise. Through its founder’s vision, strategic direction and unwavering commitment, the Hashoo Group has emerged as Pakistan’s premium conglomerate with a diversified international business portfolio.

From its humble origins in cotton trading, the Hashoo Group business interests today span the globe and encompass hospitality, oil and gas exploration and production, information technology, investment, minerals, ceramics pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, real estate and commodity trading business.

The Hashoo Group of companies has in its fold, as owner and operators, the Pearl Continental Hotels and Marriott Hotels brands with presence in all major cities of Pakistan and Ocean Pakistan Limited, a prestigious Oil and Gas exploration and production company.

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