June 2016

China-Pakistan Corridor Benefits Real Estate in Pakistan

KARACHI, 28 June 2016: It has not all been clear plain sailing for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but the completion date is close, for what is expected to be a great fillip for the region.  The 3,000 km long passage that is built along the Pakistan -occupied Kashmir will enhance connectivity between the two countries. Rail, road, pipelines, and optical cable fiber network will modernize the region and will

10 Inspiring Eid Home Decoration Ideas

Karachi, 21 June 2016. It is getting close to Eid ul-Fitr so the global property portal Lamudi has prepared a helpful list of decoration ideas to mark the special occasion. “With over 1.6 billion Muslims celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri—as it’s also known—being unique is a challenge”, said Daniel Carrasco, in-house design expert at Lamudi. “It’s important to think outside the box and use influences from many different sources,” said Carrasco.

Khazar Islands, Azerbaijan

BERLIN, 15 June 2016: The population of the world is expected to spiral to 9.6 billion by 2050 according to a United Nations report. But with so many people and so little space, inventors, architects and developers are collaborating to create some interesting projects; some are floating, some are underwater, but they are all seeking to utilize space in the most efficient way possible.

Earnings of the event will be donated to provide clean water in Thar

  PAKISTAN, KARACHI, June 1, 2016: The international boxing star Amir Khan announced boxing matches showcasing seven international boxers including his brother Haroon, Harry King Khan in Pakistan, here on Wednesday. The HBL Superstar Boxing Event is an effort of Amir Khan Trust to raise funds to provide clean drinking water for the citizens of Thar. Along with that the Amir Khan Trust will also support the boxing culture and

Intel at Computex 2016: 5 Things to Know

PAKISTAN, Karachi, 31 May 2016  – Intel is again front and center. As the boundaries of computing expand, Intel is showcasing the transformational impact technology has on industries around the world. Billions of smart and connected devices, new data-rich services and cloud applications fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring new and exciting experiences to our lives, ushering in the next wave of computing. This next wave is

How oil and gas affect the real estate market

ISLAMABAD, 30 May 2016:  Since Pakistan is one of the main net importers of oil, a drop in fuel prices on a global scale is bound to make an impact on the economy. What effect has a drop in oil and gas prices had on Pakistan’s real estate market?   How important is the price of oil and gas to Pakistan’s economy?